When I was Your Man…

I first fell in love with this little guy when he appeared on Ellen singing Bruno Mars’ song GRENADE, but here he is with another Bruno Mar’s Hit; KAI singing WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN:

His interview with Ellen (below) was almost as precious as his singing! He tells ELLEN about his ride home from the last show, meeting BRUNO MARS and gives her a friendship bracelet.

And just incase you missed it, here is KAI singing GRENADE…

So precious.


Sweet Tunes for Tuesday…

Stay Golden…GoldenNOW440iTunesToday Lady Antebellum releases their fifth studio album GOLDEN. I absolutely love Hillary Scott’s and Charles Kelley’s vocal combination. They have a smooth tone that just gets me every time! So far I love this entire album, it is a little funkier then their previous stuff, although I do love a good acoustic Lady Antebellum tune =) They are such a class act, you should definitely open your iTunes and give this album a listen RIGHT NOW! GO!

Here is a little taste of their first single, Downtown:

Country music in general is also my favourite driving music! There aren’t many radio stations where I live that play it, so my catalogue of country tunes is quite extensive!

When the sun is shining and the wind is blowing my favourite thing to do is put on some country tunes and go for a drive! (Or tanning session, or BBQ!)

Here are some NEW(ish) country songs that I ABSOLUTELY turn up in my car!

…and you should too 😉

Florida Georgia Line – Cruise

Tim McGraw feat. Taylor Swift & Keith Urban

Miranda Lambert – Mama’s Broken Heart

Luke Bryan – Drunk On You

And there are soooo many more! What are you favourite driving songs?




Dramatic Dresses at the MET Ball

PUNK was the theme and boy, did everyone do their best to stick TO IT. But let’s be serious, theme parties can produce many OMG moments, good and bad.


Like Kanye and Kim here…holy. Not very punk, maybe she was going for the ‘1960’s couch look’? Oookay that was mean, but c’mon.


Katy Perry


Elle Fanning in her 8th grade art project. I can appreciate that she probably styled herself.

met14If an OLSEN (MYFAVE) is having issues with the theme, maybe re-evaluate?

Met15Minka Kelly – looks as confused as I was to see her there…?

Met16Jessica Alba, lost her lips to the world of PUNK fashion. OH and her eyebrows too.
Met17Gwenyth… Side cheek one week and now lower clavicles upper boob? Awkward.

Cameron Diaz. I like your belt.


Christina Ricci, Can I keep you? No need for you to bring that outfit though…


Nicole RITCHIE?!??!?! IS THAT YOU?!?!?!?


Anne Hathaway doing her best Miley Cyrus impression.


YOU are married to Justin Timberlake missy. It’s not fair. Jessica Biel, no leggings would have made this outfit to DIE FOR.


Emma Watson. I kind of like this….but also am confused by it?


Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev, you almost made me love it! But Nina’s outfit is PANTS, whaaaaaaaa???? And Julianne’s dress needs to be either shorter or longer.



Miley Cyrus. Punk. Duh.


And Taylor Swift. Ay yi yiii.



met12Mrs. Doubtfire called… she wants her outfit back.

Now finally, after all those sassy sally comments, an outfit I liked:

JENNIFER LAWRENCE – the only celebrity I saw who looked pulled together, their age, styled appropriately and KILLED IT. Love you J.Law. Love you.

And I love your spike heels too.

Who did you think dressed to impress at this years MET Ball?


Sweet Tunes for Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!!!!!!!!

This year there are ridiculous amounts of amazing NEW MUSIC set for release. Many of these delicious singles and some albums are already out, so instead of choosing just one single star of a song or album I am listening to lately – I’m going to pick a FEW! HA! Because I can.

Best Release Today

LIGHTS – Siberia Acoustic



Every song on this album is just wonderful. I love when artists can break down their sound acoustically and still rock my world. (rockmyworld… lol)

Best Country Album (So far….)

Luke Bryan – Spring Break…Here to Party



Luke Bryan is so authentically charming, even the cheesiest of lines like “it’s time to take my drunk ass home, I twisted my ankle and can’t find my cellphone” – from the song titled ‘Take My Drunk Ass Home’ is just plain adorable. He has figured out a way to make it relatable and kitschy yet FUN.

Cooking To… (yes I mean I was cooking food to this song- and others just like it)

A$AP Rocky Feat. Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam – Wild for the Night

Catchy single that got me dancing…

Jonas Brothers – Pom Poms

I dare you to listen to this and not be dancing by the end. Don’t watch them, go in the other room and TURN IT UP. Yaaaa, you will be dancing like the drunk uncle at a wedding.

Woke up to…

Arianna Grande feat. Mac Miller – The Way

This song reminds me of Mariah circa her ‘Fantasy’ days, a nice throwback to 90’s R&B with some Mac Miller keeping it current. The sample of “I’m not a player, I just crush a lot” …had me.

On Repeat

Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll


Elton John really does make everything better. BUT the only thing missing are the hilariously long song titles a la “I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this song written about me”although, I think I can survive without them. Be still my 17-year-old heart.


What are you listening to?



Motiviation Mondays

Ohh Mondays, what a bad reputation you have. MotivationMondays

…and laugh. Everyday!

What gets you motivated for the week?


Girl Crush – Chelsea Kane

Every now and then I find myself gravitating towards the style of certain celebs.

Chelsea Kane is my girl right now.

ck13 ck12 ck14

Since Dancing with the Stars, where Chelsea and her partner Mark Ballas placed third, was her Chelsea Kane debut (until that show, her last name had been Staub) I think she took that time to also re-image herself in the media. A fun guys girl with sass and class emerged contrary to the mean-girl obsessive A-type personality characters she had played before. We really got to know Chelsea outside of her work.


Not to mention she went on to date Stephen Colletti (jealousssss) of Laguna Beach AND  guest-star on one of my favourite shows One Tree Hill.


I really enjoy her now.

As the former fatty tomboy neighbour of the brothers on ABC Family’s hit show Baby Daddy, Chelsea bring a humble sweetness and spunk to her character Riley Perrin.

CHELSEA KANE, DEREK THELER 1283050796pre-2048883538551378888 ck2

For an ABC Family sit-com, this show is actually really funny.

And Chelsea has a great wardrobe set. LOVE HER.